H.O.P.E. for Longmont - Shelter Information

The H.O.P.E. shelter will open every night from 6PM – 7AM from November 15th thru March 15th.

Space is limited - beds will be assigned via lottery. You must register daily between 6PM the night before and 10AM the day of shelter.

Results of the lottery drawing will be posted on this web site at 1PM each day. Between 1PM and 8PM you will see a View List link on the event date below.

To register during the registration window (6PM - 10AM) you may perform any of the following:

Text Message - Recommended
Text your H.O.P.E. ID to (720) 605-4673.
You will receive an immediate confirmation of your registration and a follow-up message after the drawing to let you know if you have been selected or not.
Example If your ID is johndoe simply text johndoe between 6PM and 10AM.
Web Site
Click the Register Now link below and enter your H.O.P.E. ID.
Remember the Register Now link will only be visible during the registration window.
Phone Call
Anyone may register by calling (720) 605-4673 and following the prompts.
This registration method should be used if you do not have a H.O.P.E. ID.

Below is a list of upcoming shelter events, including the date, location and registration window. The Action column provides links only at certain times.

If you have problems with this process, please email ewc@hopeforlongmont.org.